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1 year of blogging...

Ok, let's say nearly, since I missed the exact termin, although I had a big fat note in my cellphone callendar. What do we learn of that? Never switch cellphones and do not migrate tha callendar, because you believe there are no more important notes in it...

Nevertheless, on the 1st of October in 2003 I started my weblog, not believing that I will keep up writing to it such a long time. Blogging was (and still is) cool and mostly every developer had a blog to note down interessting findings on the web, progress of his projects, personal thoughts and lots more. So I started blogging, too.

The stats of one year of blogging are pretty impressive, nearly 250 posts in 365 days is a fair deal. The most popular category on my blog is "PHP" (with 64 entries), followed by "Geek" (with 57) and "PEAR" (with 43 entries). All in all I wrote 117 open source related entries, which is nearly half of my whole blog.

It's quite funny to see what one has written along the time. To let you participate in that, I collected some of the most funny/interessting/stupi/whatever entries in the extended version of this entry.

Last but not least the conclusion of one year blogging is absolutly positive. Writing down what you are doing, what you think, what you've found interessting and all that stuff is fun. Reading your thoughts later on is even more fun and discussing with foreign people on your thought is copious and fun together. In this sense: Cheers for the next year of blogging!

Some of the most interessting post on my blog from the last year:

1st of November 2003: I presented my Tux soft toy, which at most likes to dring the PHP energy drink I received on Cebit 2003.

6th of November 2003: My first talk on a PHP Conference has past and I published some noce photos here.

16th of January 2004: My PEAR package Net_FTP proofed that it's PHP5 compatible.

19th of January 2004: I published some little bash scripts to run PHP4 and 5 in paralell on Linux.

25th of January 2004: PEPr (the PEAR proposal system, which I created) went online.

27th of January 2004: Planet-PHP domains were routed.

25th of March 2004: I announced the PEAR Meeting this year in Amsterdam.

1st of April 2004: Zend was bought by IBM.

6th of May 2004: Report from the PHP Conference 2004 in Amsterdam.

14th of June 2004: The PEAR Core QA team was elected.

24th of June 2004: I reported from the middle of the Linuxtag 2004.

15th of August 2004: I wrote a review on "Mastering Regular Expressions", which is an excelent book.