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My name is Toby, and I'm a software engineer with over 25 years of experience in building complex web applications and service architectures. One of my greatest passions is mentoring, coaching, and training other software engineers. With a mindset that values inclusivity and care, I've successfully led large teams to create software that truly serves business needs.

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Tobias Schlitt profile picture
Tobias Schlitt profile picture

Web Wizard Extraordinaire

With over 25 years of experience, I'm a seasoned software engineer skilled in building complex web applications and service architectures. I thrive on solving intricate challenges and creating digital solutions that amaze.

People-First Remote Entrepreneur

As a serial entrepreneur, my tech companies prioritize not only business value but also the well-being of people. I firmly believe that a happy and fulfilled team is the foundation for building successful and sustainable businesses. I've been advocating for remote work since 2005, embracing the concept before it gained widespread popularity.

Safe Spaces for All

Mental health awareness and support hold a special place in my heart. Having personally experienced mental health challenges, I'm dedicated to promoting understanding and providing resources. Additionally, I'm committed to being an ally for marginalized communities, actively working towards creating safe and inclusive spaces for everyone.