I'm a passionate tech enthusiast and a proven founder in the world of web technology. What drives me is the unwavering commitment to "resilience" and the well-being of people.


Frontastic GmbH

Product (Startup)
Founder, Co-CTO, Principal Engineer
Frontastic logo

Frontastic offered a Frontend-as-a-Service platform for e-commerce. They focused on enhancing the business user experience with a user-friendly editor that allowed real-time changes and customization without technical knowledge. This enabled businesses to deliver fast and engaging digital experiences, boosting conversion rates and user satisfaction. Additionally, Frontastic empowered developers with a comprehensive set of tools and APIs to build and manage the underlying components, ensuring a seamless and highly customizable storefront for their clients.

Frontastic was bought by commercetools in 2021. The product Frontastic continues to exist as commercetools Frontend where I occupy the role of a Principal Engineer.


Tideways GmbH

Product (Organic)
Founder, Engineer
Tideways logo

Tideways is a software company specializing in performance monitoring and error tracking for web applications. They offer tools and services to help developers optimize application performance in real-time, identify bottlenecks, and improve overall reliability. Their solutions cater to various web applications, from small websites to large-scale enterprise systems.

Tideways started as a spin-off of Qafoo GmbH where its initial development started under the name "Qafoo Profiler". Tideways is today driven purely by Benjamin Außenhofer and his team while I'm still involved as an advisor.


Qafoo GmbH

Training / Consulting
Founder, Trainer, Engineer
Qafoo logo

Qafoo is a software development consultancy and training company based in Germany. They specialize in providing expert services related to PHP and web application development, including code reviews, performance optimizations, architecture consulting, and test-driven development (TDD) coaching. Qafoo GmbH aims to empower businesses and developers by sharing their knowledge and expertise through training sessions, workshops, and custom solutions, ultimately helping organizations improve the quality and efficiency of their software projects.

With the foundation of Frontastic we slowly faded the operation of Qafoo out. Currently, the publically created content and open source software is still available, but there is no business executed anymore.