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IBM takes over Zend

As IBM and Zend announced in the early morning hours, both signed a buyout contract yesterday. Irving Wladawsky-Berger (IBM vicepresident of technology and strategy): "We are now taking the consequences of Sun's behavior to leave Java closed source. The power of open source has been proven by years now if Sun is to narrow-minded to see the importance of open source, we have to select another partner.".

IBM stated, that PHP5 will become the main plattform for at first all web and network related producst. For that, PHP will be integrated into IBM Websphere until August 2003. Zeev Suraski from Zend: "IBM is an important strategic partner for us. Now we are able to compete with Java and .NET.". Irving Wladawsky-Berger sees even much more potential for PHP in IBM. For that, it will be integrated into the Lotus Domino/Notes series and will replace the proprietary script language used, whith Lotus Notes 7.0.

Shortly after this announcement, the PHP community announced some seriouse decisions on recently discussed problems. PHP will now replace all under_score_function names with studlyCaps writing. Andi Gutmans: "All major languages use studly caps for their naming convention, so PHP has to fit in this schema." The community itself introduced some more changes.

See Alan Knowles for more info and the announcement of IBM and Zend here.


That didn't work Tobias, it's April 1st.

Derick at 2004-04-01

Old tattletale! ;)

Toby at 2004-04-01

I was fooled. I was even calling my programming partner to tell him the news. argh!

I wouldn't have figured it out except for the studlyCaps comment.


Jackson at 2004-04-01