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PEPr a fiery flavor.

Today Martin Jansen announced the new PEAR Package Proposal system (PEPr) as an official replacement of the common PEAR proposal process. Fropm now on, package proposals are handled comfortable through the Website.

PEPr allows each user with a pearweb account (request your's here) to create nice and common proposals online, giving all neccessary information on it. Proposals can bee discussed and at least be voted on directly on the website.

PEPr reflects the complete proposal process. You have to wait a minumum time of 7 days to call for votes on your package. The voting time normally lasts 7 days. If the minimum number of 5 votes have been given, the proposal is automatically finished. Depending on the sum of the votes, the package is accepted to be release in PEAR. The need is a +5 value of all votes (using a +1/-1/0 pointing system to give ones oppinion). If the number of 5 votes has not been reached, the voting time is extend for another 7 days, after which it gets finally finished, no matter how many votes are available.

PEPr has an integrated interface to the PEAR development mailinglist (pear-dev). All actions performed in PEPr are send there to keep developers informed.

The usage of PEPr is obligatory from now for every package proposal.


good job! :-)

Christian Wenz at 2004-01-27