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PEAR Meeting Part II (Amsterdam 2004)

Recently the idea came up on pear-dev to shedule a PEAR meeting in Amsterdam this year (as there was one last year). Jeroen Houben offered to sponsor the location again. The meeting is planned to take place in Jeroens office, where a high bandwidth internet connection is available so we maybe can offer a lifestream to people who can not attend the meeting. All those poor guys will definitly have the possibillity to attend the meeting through IRC (as it was last year).

Date and Location:

Date: 3rd of May 2004 Time: 18:30 CET Place: Terena office Amsterdam

The current agenda covers the following points:

  • Review of the PEAR Group

  • Roadmap planning for PEAR and PEAR Web

  • Clearification of tasks and forces of the PEAR QA Team / Group

Every PEAR developer invited to come there and is free to add new points to that agenda to be discussed there. Please tell us as fast as possible that you want to attend the meeting, because there is a limited number of places avaible in the actual location. Both can be done by commenting to this article or directly posting to pear-dev.

Currently premarked as attendees are:

and myself.

I'm looking forward to see all those PEAR guys eye2eye again and to clearify issues in a much faster and personal way as it is possible through mailinglists and IRC.