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Thanks to everyone who voted for me in the QA Core election and congrats to the other members. It seems to be a very good team, I guess.

As one should avoid duplicate code one should avoid duplicate writing. Thanks to Stephan Schmidt who wrote an excelent summary on the election and it's result.

In this meaning: Let's make quality!


If making quality is a sin, count me in!

Sebastian 'The Argh' at 2004-06-14

Oooops... Thanks for the hint! I corrected it.

Toby at 2004-06-14

Now my comment doesn't make any sense anymore... Oh well, they don't most of the time anyway :)

Sebastian 'The Argh' at 2004-06-14

No matter! :) Has been a good hint for me. That's the problem, when you write English and think German, sometimes. ;)

Toby at 2004-06-14