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1 year with eZ Systems

Yesterday way my first anniversary with eZ systems. Exactly 1 year and 1 day ago I signed my contract and started working for our German eZ branch. While being first employed as a freelancer (for my own wish) I soon started to work exclusively for eZ, when I came to the eZ components project at the end of July last year. Sure, I'm also doing some stuff beside (or better: in cooperation with) my work at eZ systems, but the company has evolved to my absolute primary employer.

On August 2nd 2005 we officially announced the development of a new enterprise PHP 5 library, the eZ components. We took more then 3 weeks of full time work of 5 people to get the basis of eZ components designed, before I returned from Norway to Germany again and started developing and documenting, until the first beta of eZ components came to light on November 28th. I never worked on a real company product before (only for custom inter-/intranet solutions) and bringing out a first beta was absolutely exciting. The coolest thing I felt about my job was, that I got payed for what I did as one of my greatest hobbies before. Yeah! That was (and still is) what I always wanted!

Finally, on the 30th of January, we released the first stable version of eZ components and I really had the feeling that we were on a very good way to make a great piece of software. Indeed, so far I did not loose the feeling, but it got only stronger and stronger. I remember having the birthday cake, Kore and me made these days, as if it was yesterday. Now that it's going to be 1.1 final in a few weeks, I feel that I have to thank a lot of people at eZ systems for my time so far.

Thanks to Sandro for telling me I should apply for eZ systems, when moving to Dortmund. Thanks to Ralf for accepting my application. Thanks to Kore and Tobias for so many great times. Thanks to Aleksander and Bard for supporting my personal evolution. Thanks to Amos, Derick, Fred and Ray for really good teamwork and lots of constructive discussions. Also special thanks to Derick for correcting my English over and over, guiding me through Skien and for Nasi! Thanks to Terje and Nina for bringing me to the phpDay in Bari. And finally thanks to Peter, Kristian and all the others for some great party and lots and lots of fun!

All you people at eZ systems: Stay as you are and keep up all the greatnesses! I really enjoy working with you and I hope that this relationship will go on for a long long time...



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