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We go stable: eZ components 1.0

2 weeks after our release candidate, I am very proud that we released eZ components 1.0 today.


As usual, you can download the archives (tar.bz2, zip) from our website or use the PEAR Installer:

$ pear upgrade ezc/eZComponents or $ pear install

(note that you don't need ...-beta anymore! ;)

Beside some bug fixes, we concentrated on documentation in the past two weeks: Each component has now an introductory tutorial in it's online documentation and the API docs have been revised.

Sebastian has already brought the 1.0 release into Gentoos portage tree, so they are available through its fabulous emerge command (currently soft-masked, but that should be gone, soon).

Now we'll start working on 1.1! :)

If you have any suggestions on enhancements for 1.1 or have any other feedback, please let us know in our forum!


Congratulations! What is slated for 1.1?

Aaron Wormus at 2006-01-30

Thanks! :) dance

Roadmap discussions will be held tomorrow and maybe during the rest of the week. I will keep you informed in this blog. :)

Toby at 2006-01-30

Wow - thanks!

Soenke Ruempler at 2006-01-30

Hi Toby, congratulations for the new release!

On a sidenote, don't you feel just a bit ashamed to flood Planet PHP with that much publicity on ez? Don't get me wrong, I like ez, but if you have a look at the past 2 weeks, it looks like a major marketing surge. Distributed over several different blogs, I'll grant that - but judging from the scant information in these posts (simple release infos for the most part) they are no more than marketing in my eyes.

Planet PHP is an aggregator, and when I write something on the PHP Application Tools blog I always feel the responsibility to the community when I write posts that will show up there. Personally, I would really feel ashamed if I wrote that much about one of our tools without really giving some info that will be useful on top of the release information.

Again, I know you are not alone in this, I'm just writing this here because your post with the nice banner in it really tipped my tolerance threshold. Maybe I am making a fuss about nothing, but that's how it feels anyway.

Sebastian Mordziol at 2006-01-31

congratulations, I will need to check this out. The only thing holding me back is the 5.1.1 requirement, as we currently develop on 5.0.*

stefan at 2006-01-31

Hi Sebastian!

Sorry, if I got over the top with my excitement of our 1.0 release. Just to let you know, this is my personal blog and eZ itself has nothing to do with it.

I take you criticism seriously and will try to keep myself a bit down in the future. I think you know, how it is, when you created something new and you think it's so absolutely cool, that you could rant for hours on it's greatnesses.

Thanks for your feedback! :) Toby

Toby at 2006-01-31

Now I feel bad about having brought this up :) I know this is your personal blog, and I am not here to tell you what you may write and what not - just to consider that what you write in the PHP category goes a little further than that.

Oh, and I definitely don't want you to keep yourself down! Okay, I realize that's highly contradictory, so let me explain.

PHP is growing, and companies / frameworks etc. basing their success on PHP need ways to get the publicity they need - like you do with the ezComponents or I will for a software I am currently working on (for my own company). Planet PHP is a very tempting tool for this, but I believe Planet PHP's mission is not to act as a marketing platform. As an alternative, what I would like to have is a dedicated PHP marketing platform for PHP companies and products. Like Planet PHP, but which would allow me and anyone else to freely boast (or rant on for hours) about their products without irritating anyone. It would also be a good place for decision makers to find the products or services they need.

Maybe something like that already exists - but if it does, it clearly is not good enough if I don't know about it...

Sebastian Mordziol at 2006-02-01

No worries, I got your point. :)

Toby at 2006-02-01