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Leaving Norway again...

Sadly I'll leave the eZ Systems headquarters in Norway tomorrow direction Dortmund again. It really was an amazing time for me in all aspects: Work, people, country and whatever else matters.

We almost finished the work we planned to do during my stay here (some small peaces will follow on Monday, but that's all) and it was really amazing teamwork. By now, we designed the most important eZ Publish Enterprise Components and discussed every single bit of the design in a 5 people team. The work was amazing fun, since all of us joined the team with a completly different background (like Derick, with the C- and PHP-core-background, Amos, who already dealt with the migration of eZ Publish from version 2 to 3, and me with a PHP library background - meaning PEAR). We sometimes seemed to get lost in endless discussions on sense & nonsense, habits and techniques. But after all it's a very good feeling, if really all of us agreed with the picked solution. You will definitly read more on that, next week, wenn eZ Systems publishes a Community Report on what we did in the past 3 weeks.

Beside that I enjoyed Norway pretty much from a non-tourist perspective, which was really cool, too. I got to see the exciting natural environment here (like I went to watch & try to photograph shooting stars with Derick) and learnt to know many original and choice Norwegians which are all really nice people. We went out for lots of party on the weekend (although alcohol is very expensive here and bars close at 3, people know how to make great party) or for the beach when weather was ok (I never saw a one-time-grill before...``*``g``*``).

All in all i really enjoyed the time here and would definitly like to come back for some weeks in the nearer future (if managable). When time fits I'll write some more on this topic later on here. So, stay tuned and remember to visit Norway once in your life! It's an amazing country. So far, have a nice weekend! :)


Good stuff! Will version 4 have open development? CVS etc?

Aaron Wormus at 2005-08-19