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PHP Documentor for VIM documented

Because I had a talk about how to use VIM in respect to PHP source code editing, I took the time during the week, to write some extensive documentation for PDV, the PHP Documentor plugin for VIM. Additionally, I documented my VIM file type plugin, which is also available through the SVN of PDV. Take a look at the README.txt to learn more.


For those looking for my .vimrc: It is in SVN, too, but splitted up in a general .vimrc and a file type plugin, which is only sourced for PHP code. Installation instructions can be found in the README.txt, too.

Update 2:

I also added the repository to SVNServe now, so you can check it out using "svn co svn://".


Hello Tobias, can you please put your latest vimrc back online? The old links don't work anymore... Much appreciated!

Jan at 2006-12-01

It's also in SVN. It's just splitted into a general .vimrc and the file type plugin for PHP (see .vim/ftplugins/php.vim).

Toby at 2006-12-01

Hi Tobias,

two questions: * Does PDV also actualize a comment if I've changed variables or the function name or ... * Is it possible to have php files opened with all functions automaticaly folded?

Thanks, Thomas Koch

Thomas Koch at 2006-12-01

Hi Thomas!

Regarding your questions:

Regards, Toby

Toby at 2006-12-01

Tobias -- could you put the source for the vimgrep script up somewhere?

Matthew Weier O'Phinney at 2006-12-01

I'll definitly do that. But it will take some more time, since it has some flaws. Stay tuned.

Toby at 2006-12-01

Is there are new location for the repository? I was going to see if there were any updates.. but then I found out the current svn:// link is broken..

Evert at 2007-01-04

There is:

For checkout info see:

Toby at 2007-01-04

Thanks! got it

Evert at 2007-01-04

Note that PDV is now named VIP and hosted on github. For details, please refer to

Toby at 2010-02-16