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PDV → VIP, now on github!

phpDocumentor for VIM (PDV) is a project which resulted from my efforts to create a comfortable programming environment for PHP in the VIM editor. Since the server which hosted the SVN repository is to be switched off the next days, I finally moved development over to github.

In addition to that, I seized the chance to rename the project itself to VIP (VIM integration for PHP). The repository does not only contain the PDV script iself, but also a filetype plugin for PHP, some useful color schemes, a PHP skeleton file, settings for other (related?) programming languages and more.

To checkout the most recent version, just follow the instructions on github and don't forget to stack the project on Ohloh.


when do we finally see a VIM talk on a IPC or DPC? :)

dsp at 2010-02-16

After having read the list of features, I am sure I'll certainly use this plugin. :)

Giorgio Sironi at 2010-02-16

@dsp: Hehe, would love to give one, but did not think someone would accept it. ;) Will definitely hand one in for the next conferences. :)

Toby at 2010-02-16

Thanks! I haven't updated in a while, excited to see if i missed something.

Evert at 2010-02-16

It would be nice to configure (on/off) the remapping of the Tab character. I use snippetsEmu which is a very popular script (20K downloads on and I am forced to comment that line because it conflicts with its snippets insertion and completion features.

Giorgio Sironi at 2010-02-16

Also there is the problem with Ubuntu (and Debian I think), as the filetype on command used to include ftplugin/php.vim also includes system-wide ftplugin which horribly set the comments environment variable to <!--...->. They are executed after the .vim/ftplugin ones, so you may want to add a: set comments=sr:/,mb:,ex:*/ in an after/ftplugin script. I have filed a bug however: even if .vim would be moved right in the runtimepath setting, ftplugin/php.vim should contain a setting for comments.

Giorgio Sironi at 2010-02-16

Does this mean development is active again? I emailed you a while ago with bug fixes and never heard a response. Created a git repo with some of the fixes applied:

Herman Radtke at 2010-02-18


yes, I hope to find time to work some more on PDV again. However, development was never really dead, I just did not release anything. There were constant improvements on the ftplugin, though.

I got some contributions over the past years, but did not manage to review / include them. I still have all the mails, but it would help, if you file your stuff on github again, so I can better track it.

Thanks in advance!

Toby at 2010-02-18

Glad to hear it. I will ditch my repo and fork yours with the fixes.

Herman Radtke at 2010-02-19

About the #6 comment: the Ubuntu maintainers said in the related bug report that it's not a bug, because the vim runtimepath is ordered upstream so that .vim is sourced before /usr/share/vim and before .vim/after. So the .vim/ftplugin/php.vim is effectively overridden by system-wide settings (at least in Ubuntu), you may want to rename it to .vim/after/ftplugin/php.vim file. At least similar plugins like snippetsEmu use the after/ directory.

Giorgio Sironi at 2010-03-24