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phpDocumentor for VIM 1.0.1

I recently uploaded a new version of PDV (phpDocumentor for VIM), which allows you to comfortable generate documentation for your PHP classses, functions, methods and attributes. The new version fixes some issues with the usage of tabs in your code (since I only use spaces, I did not notice these), as well as some smaller bugs. Enjoy! :)


Nice plugin

I've just started playing around with it. But I guess, I've noticed a little 'bug' in your example for installing the plugin.

I think

should better be

Regards, Christian Stadler

Christian Stadler at 2005-11-27


Thanks for the feedback! The escape char is to quit insert mode and switch into command mode. I asume it would not work without (but I did not test it). Did you?

Cheers! Toby

Toby at 2005-11-27

Sorry, the parser stripped everything, that looked like an HTML-tag. I've meant replacing ^[ with < ESC > and :exe PhpDoc() with :call PhpDoc()

When copy&paste ^[ only works when yanking/cutting with vim directly, otherwise it fails. < ESC > seems to work always.

Christian Stadler at 2005-11-27

Ah, now I understand your point. That's a good addition. I changed that on the website. Thanks for the hint! :)

Toby at 2005-11-27

I was trying to post an example of a script I made to fold PHP functions and/or classes with PhpDoc comments support. But It keeps: saying Invalid Message.

Ray Burgemeestre at 2006-07-29

I made a VIM script that folds functions and or classes in PHP that supports the PhpDoc API comments.

Is folded in to this:

The problem I have with let php_folding=1, is that the PhpDoc comments are not included in the folds. Thats why I made this script..

You can find it here: It's called phpfolding.vim

Ray Burgemeestre at 2006-07-29

Note that PDV is now named VIP and hosted on github. For details, please refer to

Toby at 2010-02-16