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Going to Norway

Time has been running so fast in the past weeks... No it's time for me to travel direction Norway, to visit the eZ Systems (one of my current employers) head quarters. I'll fly tomorrow to Oslo Torp and will arrive at about 5:00pm (I guess) in Skien. I'll stay there for 3 weeks and will return to Dortmund on August 20th.

By now I've implemented customer projects in relation with eZ Publish. In the upcoming 3 weeks I'll be introduced to eZ Publish core development itself. I'm pretty much looking forward to my work and the country (never been to Norway before). Hopefully I will find time in the evenings and during weekends to finally work a bit on my projects.

Beside my work in Norway I will start with my online workshop (in cooperation with ThinkPHP and on August the 16th. If you're interessted in learning everything about PEAR in 6 weeks you should definitly join the course. We'll deal with the PEAR base installation (giving you practical hints on difficulties), package maintainance, the usage of PEAR packages (including best practices) and how to package & distribute your own code using the PEAR Installer.