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Learn everything about PEAR in 6 weeks!

You're developing large PHP applications every day? Your applications are growing fast? You always have low time and budget for your projects? Your PHP based product needs some new nice feature which would take long to implement? You're often developing PHP applications with "rapid prototyping"?

Then you should definitly learn how to use PEAR, the PHP Extension and Appplication Repository!

This August you will get the chance to achieve this: From August the 16th until September the 27th there is an online workshop in German language powered by ThinkPHP and, which will teach you everything you need to use the PEAR project for your applications.

The workshop duration is 6 weeks and it takes place completly in an online environment. Every week new class documents will be published for your personal learning and a weekly practical exersise will enable you to train your skills not only with dry theory. A workshop tutor (yes, that's me! *g``*``) will be available during the whole time to answer your questions and guide you through the workshop.

Topics we will cover are as follows:

  • Using the PEAR infrastructure

    • How to get a working PEAR installation from scratch?

    • Problems during the installation.

    • Working with the PEAR installer.

    • Tipps and tricks for your daily work.

    • Using PEAR packages

    • Dig into a variaty of packages, e.g. Cache, DB, Log, QuickForm, Image_Graph and many more.

    • Create example applications with them

    • Tipps and tricks for usage and combination

    • Distribute your own packages

    • How to create your own PEAR packages?

    • Ways to distribute these packages to your customers

    • An outlook on the upcoming new PEAR version 1.4

Does that sound interessting for you? Take your heels, run for the early bird discount at and save up to 10% of your workshop fee!

Looking forward to seeing you! :)