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PHPUGDO - Presentation day: 2005-06-02

As promised a while ago we'll have a bunch of presentations during the next PHP usergroup meeting in Dortmund. Sadly the date for this event was been moved several times, mainly because of my rare time in the past weeks (thanks guys!). But now the time has come:


2nd of June 2005, 18:00


eZ Systems GmbH


Every PHP developer close enough to Dortmund is invited to join us!


Nothing. The event is completly based on personal engagement.

Thanks a lot to eZ Systems for sponsoring a location and equipment! Find your way to eZ in Dortmund.

We will have talks on the following topics:

  • OOP Basics

    • An introduction into object oriented development.

  • OOP Patterns::Toby

    • What are patterns? What aren't they? Some examples...

  • XML

    • Sense and use of XML.


    • The concept of template engines on the example of PHPTAL.

  • DB Basics

    • Database design, normalization,...

  • DB Abstraction

    • The sense behind database abstraction and how to do it.

  • RegEx

    • The magic behind working with text.

Every talk will be about 30 to 45 minutes and each is held by a member of the PHP usergroup Dortmund.

Would be cool to see some more faces there beside the usual suspects. :)


Sounds GREAT! I would love to come, but just a bit far.

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Aaron Wormus at 2005-05-31