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PHPUGDO - Different presentations

Yesterday evening was the second meeting I attended of the PHP user group Dortmund. Sadly we've only been 5 people, although there are currently 12 members on the mailinglist. Since we wanna start some kind of useful project with the group members (what project this will be is not ready for the public, yet) and have a huge variaty of states of knowledge in the group, we decided to have an educational session in our next meeting. All of the 5 attendants from yesterday took a topic to prepare a little presentation (30-45 minutes) for the next meeting (in 2 weeks, 5th of May).

I think we picked up some pretty interessting stuff where every member can learn a bit of. The goal is, to provide the basic concept behind a topic to everyone and give hints on further info on the web. The agenda (until now) looks like this (not in a specific order, yet):

  • XML (basics)

  • OO (basics)

  • OO (patterns)

  • Templates (PHPTAL)

  • DB abstraction (MDB2)

The sessions are all in German language. If you live near Dortmund (or even more far away, I can organize a space for sleeping), feel free to attend or even better propose a session!


maybe a bit much for one night ..

we usually have one presentation that last between 30-60 mins and then we sit and talk for a while afterwards

Lukas at 2005-04-22

Everyone who is interested can register on the mailinglist. The coordination of the meetings is done there.

Tobias at 2005-04-22