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Net_FTP and PHP 5

I recently tested PEAR::Net_FTP with PHP 5 which worked just fine, with a standard PHP5beta3 installation with activated ftp support. Since there are many fixes collected in CVS I will bring Net_FTP 1.4 on saturday or sunday, after a little more testing.

Net_FTP 1.4 will (except of bugfixes) be the last 1.x release for Net_FTP. I used the chance of testing PHP 5 and started to make a port of Net_FTP. I have not gone too far this evening, because of some PHP5 starting problems. I will optimize the code of Net_FTP to PHP 5 and refactor the class from some ugly constructions (in listing files and stuff).

I think about implementing the new listing stuff using an iterator. That should kill most of the redundant stuff inside.

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