This blog post has first been published in the Qafoo blog and is duplicated here since I wrote it or participated in writing it.
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Why software quality matters

It is not always obvious why software quality matters in any development project. Especially in the PHP area, where projects are often won by pitching with short development time and low cost, people don't see the benefits of quality assurance action for their projects. We have therefore made up a white paper explaining the benefits of software quality for your company and how quality assurance can influence important business goals of development projects.

Stairways to qualityStairways to quality

We would be happy to receive feedback on our elaboration and how you see the effects of software quality in your development projects? Do you share our views? Do you miss essential points in the white paper? Do you have quality assurance processes implemented in your projects or don't you care? Did you recently start caring for software quality actively and experienced benefits or drawbacks from it?