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Qafoo - software quality since 1886

Of course not, but still, the building that hosts our office was built at that time. ;) However, this post should simply tell you that Qafoo, the company by Kore, Manuel and me, has started on July 1st officially and that our company website went online just some minutes ago. You can now find all of our services online, nicely presented in a fresh green. And of course, you can send us a message right away, if you desire training, consulting or support anyway related to PHP software quality.

Qafoo - passion for software qualityQafoo - passion for software quality

So, what is this Qafoo thing I am talking about? The short answer is, that Qafoo is a new company started by three open source enthusiasts in order to make a living out of their passion. The long answer can be found in the Qafoo company blog, so I won't repeat it here again. I'd better go and tell you something about our motivation to start Qafoo.

Manuel, Kore and me first met at a meeting of the PHP Usergroup Dortmund. While Kore and me were already part of that party since 2004, Manuel joined some years later. Over the time, we had a lot of fun with the other geeks at PHPUGDO and many cool project ideas. The common notion of us three has always been that, once Kore and me finished our studies, we should definitely raise some business together.

Finally, by the end of 2009, it was time to get concrete on this and, after lots of discussions, we decided to make it real and found our own consulting company. Since then, more than half a year has passed, until we today officially opened the Qafoo website to finally get started.

Exciting times have passed and I'm pretty sure, that even more exciting times are to come … Good luck, mates! :)