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Qafoo web design contest

Qafoo - passion for software qualityQafoo - passion for software quality

After the amazing success of our design contest for the Qafoo logo, Manuel, Kore and me decided to run another contest for our website layout. Since we were quite satisfied with as the platform, we went for that one again.

As last, we founded Qafoo - passion for software quality. Please refer to our company site, if you want to hire me, especially for services around high quality PHP code.

Now, what are our expectations of a web design? First of all, it must involve our logo and fit it nicely. It does not really matter if the dark of light background variant is chosen. Second, it should be fresh and inspiring, but also professional. Surely, this means a tightrope walk, but we're sure designers see this as a challenge.

Next, we need to be able to put our content online in the design. While we are not yet sure about the complete content structure, yet, we already know three basic elements:

  1. The main content are the services we provide, like consulting, training and so on. They basically adjust around the PHP quality life cycle.

  2. We want to present our team, with their bios and potentially photos. If we are capable of shooting somewhat good looking ones of us three, that is. ;)

  3. We need a blog. Everyone needs a blog nowadays. OK, we will surely also have some interesting content for it, like announcing new trainings,new presentations and writing articles on the topics we cover.

Beside this main structure, we have further ideas on the content we want to publish, not set in stone yet, in which section the content will finally end up. You can find our brain storming about this in the design contest for our web site.

So, if you are a skilled designer, you want to let your creativity play in a public contest, you know what OSS addicts desire and want you to earn 500,- € (approx. US$ 597,-), please join our web design contest.