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Goodbye eZ Systems, hello world!

It's already all over town, so here comes finally the announcement: Kore and me left eZ Systems officially by the first of April. We already wanted to announce this earlier, but there were still some things in progress, which needed to stabilize before we could do so. Here we go now, with some really exciting news …

Leaving eZ

By first of April Kore and me officially terminated our contract with eZ Systems. For the next three months, we'll be funemployed and fully concentrate on our diploma thesis's. What comes after that, well, keep reading further … ;)

I want to thank eZ Systems and especially all the smart guys I worked with in the past 5 years. It was a cool time, with lots of inspiring technology discussions and also great parties. However, it's time to concentrate on something new now. And this also means many exciting changes of which 2 are revealed in the next two sections of this post.

Fwd: Zeta Components, was: eZ Components

Derick, Kore, Sebastian and me were the driving forces behind the eZ Components project for the past years. With Kore and me, the last members of the core development team of this project have left eZ Systems. But this does by far neither indicate the end of the project nor the end of our contribution to the project.

Instead, we agreed with eZ Systems on proposing eZ Components to the Apache Software Foundation under a new name. Ladies and gentleman, we proudly present the Zeta Components project!

For further details, please refer to Kores blog entry on Zeta, to my announcement of this process on and to our proposal on the Apache Incubator malinglist.

A new star on the PHP companies sky

Kore and me mainly terminated our work contract with eZ Systems so early this year, to finalize our diploma thesis's. But we are also in the process of founding our own company, together with Manuel. Yeah, it's finally out! :)

This new company will focus on B2B services around the PHP quality life cycle. We will offer consulting, training and support for all matters of high-quality PHP. This for example includes software architecture consulting, developer trainings on various levels, support with implementing quality assurance processes and more.

Under the same hood, we will also offer support for the Zeta project in terms of consulting, training and payed development.

I'm excited to have experts like Kore and Manuel on board and I'm happily looking forward to some really cool months any years.


I wish you the best of luck for your plans ;)

Pierre Minnieur at 2010-04-20

Good luck in your future plan Tobias

Tony Wood at 2010-04-20