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Speaking at Dynamic Languages World

From May 26th to 28th this year Software & Support organizes a new conference called Dynamic Languages World. In contrast to the usual PHP Conference, which I usually attend, this conference tries to combine the communities around PHP, Python, Ruby, Groovy and JavaScript. I'm pretty curious about this kind of composite event and hope to get some cool new inspirations. Despite my interesst in those other languages and the concepts they have in terms of patterns, frameworks and application architecture/design, I'll be giving some talks in the PHP area:

  • 6 essential PHP development tools in 60 minutes - A summary of 6 tools that every PHP developer should know of, including short introductions to installing and using those.

  • Up-2-date: The State of eZ Components - During this session I'll give an overview on the current state of eZ Components, show some interessting new features and give an outlook on the upcoming version.

  • Database Abstraction with eZ Components - While the previous talk shows eZ Components overall, this one will dig deeper into the facilities of database abstraction provided by eZ Components.

  • Concepts vs. Flamewar - OOP in PHP, Ruby and Python - This title should tell you everything you need to know. ;)

I'm especially looking forward to the last session, which I'll be giving as a co-speaker for my good friend Carola Kummert (alias Sammy). We'll try to sum up the differences in the OO concepts of PHP, Ruby and Python and hope for some interessting discussion (and possibly flaming) in the attending crowd. Let's see how this concept of a talk turns out.

So far, so good. If you did not order your tickets for Dynamic Languages World, yet, take your heels and catch the early bird before March 27th. I'm sure this will be an interessting and productive conference! See you there! :)


Hi, I'v like to know if you can put online the slides of "Concepts vs. Flamewar - OOP in PHP, Ruby and Python". Thank you!

Luca at 2008-12-26