Cover image for post Out now: eZ Components book - win a free copy!

Out now: eZ Components book - win a free copy!

Since about a week, Kores and my first book is being shipped. As you can see below, we already got some examples and hope that everybody who ordered in advance got their examples by now, too. If you don't, stay tuned they should arrive soonish. We are both absolutly amazed by the priniting quality and the overall impression of the bookl. Many many thanks again to Stephan Mattescheck, our lector at Galileo Computing, for his great support and the amazing work of the whole team!

If you did not order your own copy of eZ Components - Das Entwicklerhandbuch, yet, seize the chance to win a free one on, where you just need to answer 3 easy questions!

Any feedback about the book is welcome as a comment here, by email or you can seize the chance to meet us from Sunday to Wednesday (2007-11-03 to 2007-11-07) on the International PHP Conference near Frankfurt am Main.


I have to buy this book :)

sf at 2007-11-17