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PHP@FrOSCon - Timetable online!

Finally, after a long call-for-papers and a 2 weeks decision phase, the PHP Usergroup Dortmund is proud to announce the timetable for the PHP-room at this years Free and Open Source Conference in St. Augustin, near Bonn, Germany.


In contrast to last year, the PHP-room will have a 2 day program of a dedicated PHP and web talks. Speakers include members of the usergroup, like my friend Kore Nordmann who will talk about tagging and problems with it concerning different cultural backgrounds and internationalization issues. Beside that, we have some other prominent community members on board, like my friends Derick Rethans, Sebastian Bergmann, Carola Kummert, Arne Blankerts and Jan Lehnardt.

The topics presented vary between Unicode news and PHP's dirty secrets, by Derick, Sebastians usual introduction on PHPUnit, XUL in theory and praxis by Karola/Arne and a talk about deployment of PHP applications by David Coallier. Beside that, Jan will talk about next generation web storage with CouchDB, Henri Bergius is joining us for session about personal information management with Midgard, Falko Menge will inform us on web services with PHP and Guillaume Jarysta-Dautel will present a session about rich internet applications.

I'm really sad, that I will most propably not able to enjoy this great event, but you will have fun there anyway, I'm sure.


I'm really looking forward to the end of august when the conference will finally take place!

Bastian at 2007-08-06