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Today in Dortmund: "HTTP(S) Load Balancing und High Availability mit Wackamole"

Just a little reminder. Jan Lehnardt will give a talk on HTTP(S) Load Balancing und High Availability mit Wackamole today at the PHP Usergroup meeting in Dortmund. As usual, attending the talk is free of charge. If you are interessted to come around, please give us a short note via email, IRC (#phpug@EUIRC) or as a comment here.



Mar 15th 2007


18:30 CET


eZ Systems office, Dortmund

For more information about coming here, please take a look at our map on the website.


Woha, thanks! I nearly forgot :-)

Jan at 2007-03-15

will there be some audio-recording and/or slides?

Alexey Zakhlestin at 2007-03-15

Uhm, I'd love to attend but I can't :( Will there be slides?

Pierre at 2007-03-15

I'm sorry, there will be no AV recording available. I dunno if Jan will put his slides online, but I will ask.

Toby at 2007-03-15

I guess Jan will put the slides up, but I'm not sure. I will ask him.

Toby at 2007-03-15

Thank you!

Pierre at 2007-03-15

Wee, that was fun! I played around with A/V recording but I fear that without proper equipment and a person dedicated to run it during the talk it's not possible to get usable results. For a usergroup meeting it is certainly too much overhead.

I will put the slides up in a couple of days but I fear that the key points were demonstrated on a whiteboard, so the slides are of not _much_ use without me talking. I _might_ be doing a blog post or screencast or whatever to fill the gap, but that won't be before my CouchDb talk next week.

Thanks for the UG for having me, I had a splendid time!

Jan at 2007-03-15

Thanks for being there, Jan! We really enjoyed your session! Looking forward to next week! :)

Toby at 2007-03-15