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We found Bielefeld! Did we?

As posted before, Kore and me went to a the "Christmas Cookie Baking" event of the PHP Usergroup Bielefeld last Saturday, organized by Carola (Sammy). We were quite suprised, that we found Bielefeld so easily, although the internet told us about the great Bielefeld Conspiracy before. Anyway, we found Sammies home and had a great time with brunching and baking cookies, together with her husband and Arne from Hamburg. Afterwards we went to the Christmas Market of Hamelin, the town which is famous in Germany for its story about The Pied Piper of Hamelin. It was really a great event and I want to thank Sammy for this!

When we left Bielefeld, we had to take some evidence photo, to proof that we really found Bielefeld. Sammy brought us to a Bielefeld town sign, so we could take a photo in front of it. But... see what happened:

The sign is clearly visible, but Kore and me seem really fake on this picture (click to enlarge). Beside that, you can see a really weird license plate in the background, which has the mysterious number 1337 on it... I'm kinda scared about these happenings, because we actually took 5 pictures and all have the same strange artifacts... Is it possible, that we've never really been to Bielefeld? I guess we will never really know...

Anyway, using this little mysterious blog entry, I want to thank the whole PHP community for another great year and want to wish you all a merry and reflective Christmas time! Enjoy some silent days with your families, take a deep breath and gather some energy for the upcoming 2007!


Well, it's not that hard to find Bielefeld at all ;).

Conclusion: don't believe all that, what the internet wants you make believe ;-)

btw .. nice conclusion to end the year 2006. :-)

Regards, Ben.

Benjamin Klaile at 2006-12-20

Hi Tobi & Kore,

don't fool us, actually you both are pointing at the Warning-Sign "Straßenschäden" and have put the sign "Bielefeld" afterwards into the picture - but you did a good job, it took some time for me to realize ...

on the other hand, if this is really the sign for a town called bielefeld, there are even more signs for mysterious stuff going on ... does the "51" on the second car point us to "area 51"? is bielefeld only an alias for this area? when looking at the left at the automobile headlight from the car ... is it a headlight or is it an eye from an alian? quite strange my friends, quite strange ... and what the hell does the reversed Gamma on the left tell us? these are not fairy lights, this actually stands for ?(n) = (n ? 1)! ... whatever this will tell us again ... puh! i am confused ...

happy xmas!

Wolfgang at 2006-12-20

I think there's even more fun in this picture ..

@Tobias: Are you leet?

lol .. :D

at 2006-12-21