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Zend PHP 5 Certification

I finally added a button for being a "Zend Advisory Board Member" to my blog. I did not have the logo so far.

Now that I saw that some professional PHP developers already took the exam, and considered it much better than the PHP 4 version 1 2 3, I am really proud of beeing part of the creators crew. I think we really created a good certification to make employers decide, if somebody is only a "PHP script kiddie", who thinks to know PHP because he has written his own crappy guestbook, or if someone is a professional PHP developer, who knows what he does.

Thanks to Zend for letting me being part of the certification crew, after I complained about the low level of the last exam! I hope to also be part of the PHP 6 certification creators! :)

Hehe, I actually did not take the exam myself, yet, because of a lag of time. Hopefully I will pass my own exam! ;)