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The road to eZ Platform

I remember mentioning that term in my blogs/talks/wherever, too. So, for all of you who still wonder, what the eZ platform will be, we published an article, explaining the architecture of eZ platform, how it is related to eZ components and eZ publish and what you can do with it.

Read "The road to eZ platform".


It bothers me to create an account on to be able to comment so I thought I'd let you know here.

There is an error in that diagram, "authentification" doesn't exist and should be "authentication" in the "eZ application server kernel" box.

Cyril Doussin at 2006-07-20

Woops! Thanks for your hint! We will fix that.

Toby at 2006-07-21


Sandro Groganz at 2006-07-21