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Why towel day was in May 25th?

As you might remember, I blogged a few days ago, that you shouldn't forget your towel for yesterday, Towelday. This tribute to Douglas Adams (one of the most skilled science fiction authors in my eyes) was quite a funny thing, since people looked quite strange, when I walked around with a nice blue (not really authentic, AFAIR the original one was white) towel.

Anyway, at the PHP usergroup Dortmund meeting yesterday (hey, we were actually 2 with a towel there, shame on you, Kore!), we were wondering, why Towelday was held on May 25th instead of May 11th? Jakob enlightened me: If you consider 5 (May) and 25 as hex numbers and add them 2A, which is 42 in the decimal system. That says all, doesn't it?


According to the towel day website, the date of two weeks after Douglas' Adams' death was mostly chosen so people could take notice on time:

"It was first slated for one week after his death, but that didn't give us nearly enough time to get the word out. So we moved it to two weeks after his death. This question also appears in the form"

I like the 2A explanation better, though.

Frank Quist at 2006-05-27

No one makes jokes in Hex....

Hail Eris


D Clyde Williamson at 2006-07-11