Cover image for post PHPUGDO sponsered by PHP Solutions magazine

PHPUGDO sponsered by PHP Solutions magazine

The PHP Solutions magazine is now sponsoring the PHP Usergroup Dortmund. Thanks to Dariusz Pawlowski, we are receiving some examples of each issue for free now, to be used in the user group. During our meeting yesterday, I opened the first 2 envelopes and we already got 1 example of the past 3 issues, as well as 3 examples of the current issue. The magazine examples will be hosted by Tobias Struckmeier at the eZ Systems GmbH office, so every usergroupy is free to borrow one for some days from there.

PHP Solutions is a praxis oriented magazine for PHP developers, which gets translated into German, English, French, Italian and Polish.

Thanks a lot to Dariusz and the PHP Solutions magazine! We appreciate such sponsorings very much!

Is anyone else interested in sponsoring us? Feel free to contact me! :)