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More 3D fun with PHP

Kore Nordmann today had his first talk at a PHP Conference (here in Frankfurt) and presented his first PEAR class Image_3D. Kore fixed lots of stuff in the past weeks and added lots of funny things (like a ASCII art driver for producing 3D animations on the shell, new objects like torus and cone,...), which we released yesterday.


Kore uploaded his talk, so you can download it here, in case you missed it or want to recall what he showed. Myself added a little proof of concept for a console based ImageMagick driver, which is extremly slow, but, who cares, it works. ;)


This is an extremely cool package indeed! While it has a few small issues, on the whole it's really good fun and highly creative. I have played a lot with the object creation and 3DS loading in particular, and have posted my findings and plenty of screen shots here if anyone is interested:

Richard Davey at 2005-11-10