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Distributing your PHP applications with PEAR

I recently uploaded my slides from the workshop I held yesterday here on the PHP Conference in Frankfurt. This time I did not provide the usual introduction into PEAR, which I did for the last conferences, but a complete example how you can package complete PHP applications using the new features of PEAR 1.4.

You can download the package, including the presentation and example code here.

As the example application I used the Serendipity weblog system in version 0.9, and the example code manages installing the complete application through a PEAR package. I use features like custom file roles and post install scripts, so I hope the workshop presentation and the example code can give a good introduction to those features and how to utilize them.

By now, the example installs S9Y well, but leaves out a lot of stuff (like upgrading facilities, a lot of customization configs,...), so it is not inteded for real life usage. But well, when I find time, I'll definitly finish the work and provide a PEAR package for Serendipity. Hope you like it, at least my attendees from yesterday seemed to be satisfied.


Yay! If I were in Frankfurt, I'd spend an evening at the bar with you. Packaging s9y with PEAR is on my wishlist for ages - some people already made efforts to use the Pear_channeling facilities, but they all dropped out before having a breakthrough success.

It would be great if a flexible PEAR-S9Y-connection could be made, especially for upgrading/plugin installations. Keep us posted. :-)

Best regards, Garvin

Garvin at 2005-11-07

I'll be on the conference from tomorrow on. We need to talk about this subject.

Sebastian at 2005-11-07

As Clay pointed out to me, he already made a Web_Role package containing a web_dir file role, which I already made for the workshop. If you want to create your own script, I'd recommend that one: [pearified/Web_Role]

Toby at 2005-11-07