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Being a "Zend Certified Engineer"


I recently received my results from the Zend Certification Exam and (luckily) I passed it. So, from now on, I can call myself a "Zend Certified Engineer". Nice. :)


Congrats, being Zend Certificated is such a nice thing. By the way, can you _please_ give us some details about the questions on the exam ?

PS. I can barely read the CAPTCHA (missed it 2 times :))

Josip Dzolonga at 2005-04-15

Hi, Wow! Gr8 , can you post some useful links about zend , so i can post at my tech blog

Ravi at 2005-04-16

Congrats. :-)

Chris Shiflett at 2005-04-16

Congrats to you too :) And in my opinion, its not suprise you succesfully passed the exam.

Maxime Dupuis at 2005-04-17

Congratulations Toby!

James McGlinn at 2005-04-18

Thanks, Chris! So, when will you take the exam? ;)

Toby at 2005-04-18


When I read you blog saying you TRY the exam, (I already receive my certification), I tough, If I pass without preparation, shurly we will.

Philippe Gamache at 2005-04-22