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Net_FTP 1.3.0 stable

I recently release Net_FTP 1.3.0 stable. After 2 RCs and just one little bug for RC2 within a month I decided to go stable with Net_FTP 1.3. Because of this there were just some minor changes to the files (e.g. updating documentation regarding PEARs new docblock standard) and a major addition, the package.xml version 2.

PEAR 1.4 will optionally use Net_FTP for installing PEAR packages on remote hosts via FTP (eg. in shared environments).

You can download Net_FTP 1.3.0 here or simply install it using pear install Net_FTP or upgrading, using pear upgrade Net_FTP.

Read more on the feature plus between Net_FTP 1.2.0 and 1.3.0 in the extended body.

The 1.3.0 release will propably be the last release of Net_FTP 1.x series. Net_FTP2 (website should be up soon) is under concrete development, which will have some more advanced features, like a driver based architecture (use e.g. ext/Socket or streams as the backend instead of ext/FTP). As soon as this is ready for use, the 1.x path of Net_FTP will be deprecated. Until then only bugfix releases will be done for 1.x.

Update, 2005-02-25, 10:00

The Net_FTP2 website is now online.

The following features have been added (changes made) since Net_FTP 1.2.0:

  • Support for usage of "FTP SITE".

  • chmod and recursive chmod support.

  • Windows ftp directories support.

  • Observable up and dowloading (e.g. using HTML_Progress or similar).

  • Timeouts support.

  • Renaming support.

  • Automatic determinition of the FTP servers OS.

  • Improved error handling and real error codes.

  • PEAR 1.4 conform package2.xml (package.xml version 2.0).