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Linuxtag is coming...

One week left until Linuxtag.

If you haven't book travel to Karlsruhe (Germany), yet, hurry up! It's getting late!

Linuxtag is (AFAIK) the largest Linux conference in Europe and offers a huge variaty of interessting information sources for the community and business. As an international meeting for OpenSource developers of every kind Linuxtag is also famouse for it's great parties! ;)

Most talks are (sadly) only in German language, but of course at every booth the people will talk English. Here is a short abstract of the sessions given (hopefully translated accurate to English, if the titles are German) on PHP and a few other interessting topics:

  • The 7 W's of (G)

  • Microsoft Germany: Programming with C# under .NET - Interaction with Mono (G)

  • Failure as chance: The history of SCO (G)

  • PHP - Back to basics for the Web (E, by Rasmus)

  • PHP and automated Web server maintenance (E, by Ken)

  • From UML to PHP (G, by Marcus)

  • PHP Certification (E, Damien)

  • Open Source .NET?! (G, Tobias``*`` & Christian)

  • PEAR - Basics - An introduction into PEAR (E, Stefan & Tobias``**``)

  • Tidying up your HTML with PHP (E, John)

  • PHP Performance Profiling (E, Jonathan)

  • Automatic software tests (D)

  • Hacking (E)

... and many many many more (this is even just a very small sub amount of all the sessions).

For those who did not notice: I added the speaker names to those talks dealing with PHP.

Beside having a talk, Stefan and me will maintain the PEAR exhibition booth with (maybe) Lukas. It would be very cool to see some of you out there (can anyone here me?) there! :) So everybody: Move your ass to Linuxtag! :)

* This Tobias is not me, but Tobias Hauser.
** That's me! ;)


mmm, I won't do my session in German : das ist sicher! Ich kann nicht deutsch sprechen.

I'll be doing another session about PHP White paper (I just can't find it on the Programm. Entschuldigung).

See you there!

Damien Seguy at 2004-06-17

Woops. You're right. My fault. Will change that! Thanks for the hint! :)

Toby at 2004-06-17