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GMail - Here we go

Finally I got a GMail account for testing. :) Thanks to David Costa who invited me! You can from now on reach me at []. Please send me some rant or so, if you got time, so I can test their advertising stuff! :)

Gmail itself is relativly cool. Beside the 1 GB of harddisk they promise you (calculated because nobody will ever use it, they think, IMHO) it has a nice GUI to work with. Pretty much JavaScript/DHTML, but providing usefull stuff (like blending infos in and out). A neat little feature is marking mails with a star. Those mails are not only displayed in their specific folder, but also in a special star folder. That's cool for important mails, to have all in one place.

Well, I think I will do some testing on GMail, when I find time and hope, peolpe help me by sending some rant to it. Please do not send real mail there, since I might not look at it for days, if time is rare.

Anywhere I read about a script to backup data to GMail. That'd be cool. :) Else it will become my normal spam adress for registering with bogus data... ;)


can you try and get me a gmail account by any chance?

Vickers at 2004-07-08