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PEAR starts rethinking itself

Today Alexey Borzov started a huge fire on the internal PEAR mailinglist, where he so kind of merged all basic problems PEAR has together into 1 email and through it out into the community. PEAR currently starts to think over it's whole concept and I hope it will not break during this. If it doesn't, it will be a very much better PEAR afterwards.

So, why am I telling you all out there, that there is something cooking in PEAR and do ot give you a link to read what PEAR internally thinks? There are mainly 2 reasons for this:

a) People are getting more an more lazy, so, get of your ass and search for it! ;-P

b) No, just kidding, but it would not be good, to read what we talk internally, by the question I would like to give you here. ** So, all you PEAR users/knowers/lovers/haters and everyone else, feel free you give your comment here on what you like on PEAR, what you would like to change on PEAR, what your experience is with PEAR and what you think should PEAR be.**

I beg everyone, just to state your own oppinion and not to comment on otherones comments (as it's mostly done on mailinglists).


Derick at 2004-04-09

well, I'm a PEAR lover as this is helping me alot in a big project i'm involved . I just want more accesible documentation,not just the inline phpdoc tags !!! I want PEAR to be either host independent not just "a feature" available to a few serious webhosts . Talking 'bout lazy ppl huh ? Well .. how are the package developers if they don't provide strong info's about what a package cand (or can't) do. Geeky things are not popular usualy because the non-techno-freaks simply don't get the point of that hardness . Another thing I don't like is the presence of early developed packages (alpha stage) that are just upgraded veeery slow ! . Very restrictive politic to package acceptance is again a serious problem that has many answers and it's not the point of my post .. I'll just be quick and say : "just make it more accesible "

Emil Tamas at 2004-04-09