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Net_FTP 1.3.0beta1

The last release of PEAR::Net_FTP was about a half year ago. I fixed all bugs and added new functionalities like an observer for up- and downloads and chmoding (recursivly). This release is beta rated, cause I have not enough time to test it extensivly. The stable release should follow in 1-2 weeks, if no seriouse bugs occur.

See the changelog:


  • Fixed bug #336: ftp_login displays Warning.

  • Fixed bug #813: ftp_nb_put function abort when mode is null.

  • Fixed bug #240: mkdir() with $recursive==true doesn't support "single" directories.

  • Fixed bug #723: Timeout for connect cannot be set.

  • Fixed bug #918: getRecursive() corrupts binary file.

  • Fixed typos.


  • Added site() method for usage of FTP SITE command. Thanks to Eivind Lie for that.

  • Added funtionality for chmod on server and recursive chmod. Both currently support only numeric values. I'll try to fix this. Thanks to Eivind Lie for this patch.

  • Now Windows ftp directories enabled. Thanks Eric Quilantang.

  • Added the observer pattern. Up- and downloads are now observable (this works e.g. for HTML_Progress). Thanks to Laurent Laville

  • Added support for timout setting.

  • Added input validation for port and hostname.

I beg everyone who uses / has used Net_FTP to download the release and test it!