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It's so easy...

... to use texts in images.

Especially, when you are using Image_Text in it's new version 0.4. ;) As I promised (ok, the timespan was a bit beside the real world, but that's the way in cyberspace) I helped `Stefan N.`__ fixing Image_Graph and during this he helped me debugging Image_Text, which was pretty usefull for both, I guess. Hence I'm still in alpha stadium with Image_Text I will suggest to Stefan to depend on this specific version with the next version of Image_Graph, since I can still not promise that the API is 100% fixed. Anyway, if there are changes to come, these will be definitly be no major changes.

You can find a list of todo's I plan to realize before I get into beta stadium with Image_Text in the extended part of this article.

The extended entry contains a list of further improvements until beta stage and a long time view (this should be a kind of roadmap).

The following features will be implemented in Image_Text befor it is released in beta state:

  • Stricter option checking

  • Better error handling

  • Obsoleting of the init() method

While after bringing Image_Text to beta quality I have to take some care of other things the following improvements build a future roadmap, what I plan to do until version 1.0 (beside bug fixing and performance improvements):

  • Adding non-breaking-space specialchar

  • Usage of mixed coordinate formats

  • Re-add shadow support

  • Implement justify alignment

I although have some dreams for the future about this class, which will earliest come with a PHP5 only version and will go ahead with a major redesign to a factory pattern:

  • Adding support for rounding texts (like M$ W0rdArt)

  • If possible add fill's for texts

  • Add masking (if possible)

  • Add SVG support (is there need for? have to take a deeper look at SVG...)

Maybe someone has an idea, some feedback or even some drive to implement something of that. Feel free to `email`__ your comments or leave them here. :)