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Planet PHP

Christian Stocker had and realized a very cool idea. Following the example of Planet Gnome he built Planet PHP. Planet PHP is just the syndication of PEAR and PHP developers Weblogs, but even that is quite cool, since you get the developer's news syndicated on 1 website. I love it.

For that, I immediately registered the domain (while Christian registered in almost the same sekond.... ;). So, Planet-PHP will be available at both domains. We are both currently waiting for routing... I really got the strong feeling, DeNIC is much better organized than Verisign... When I register a .de Domain, it takes between 12 and 24 (real max.) hours until routing works. With Verisign it currently takes 3 days and I still can not lookup neither nor Both registrations are directly done through a webservice of the specific provider.

I hope you all like PHP Planet, like I do! ;) Thanks Chregu!