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PaWS 2004, UK

From the 20th to the 24th February 2004 the PaWS will take place in Manchester (UK). Davey Shafik recently announced the speakers for PaWS and Stefan Neufeinds and my proposal has been accepted. Since Lukas Smith and Pierre-Alain Joye will give sessions there, too, we asked Davey to make a PEAR exhibition booth in Manchester as we usualy have one at International PHP Conference in Amsterdam and Frankfurt.

You can read it's abstract here:

PEAR compote PEAR - Usage, support, development - An introduction

PEAR (PHP Extension and Application Repository) is a collection of high quality reusable PHP components. It offers a wide range of solutions, designed to help you with standard tasks as well as tricky implementations. Based upon common standards the classes offer flexible and functional interfaces, are designed to be reusable and extendable.

The first half of hour 2-hours-"journey" through PEAR starts with an introdcution about the infrastructure and tools available. We'll give even PEAR-newbies an easy and helpful introduction to the PEAR website, the mailinglists and the package-system. This part will also give you examples what PEAR has to offer you and give reasons why you should consider to use the valuable resources and implementations.

The second part of the session is dedicated to potential contributors for PEAR and everyone who would like to say thank you to the developers.

We will given an overview of the PEAR processes from the proposal of a package, the coding standards and common design rules a PEAR package has to fulfill to the usage of the PEAR installer for PEAR package-creation. But there are more ways you can help PEAR. We will also show you alternative ways for contributing to PEAR. Testing, writing documentation and reporting/fixing bugs are as important as mainting a package in PEAR.