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Phatan steps foward

Phatan is going a step forward. I restructured the UML diagram for the game again and found a (IMHO) good start structure, which is flexible to be extended to the "Sailsman-Edition" and the "City and Knights Extension" or with different frontends.

I'm currently trying to commit this stuff into sf-net CVS, but I got several problems with the CVS GUI's I tested. Only 1 of them (LinCVS) can handle remote authentication through SSH and this one is collapsing everytime I try to import something. I'll try out some other GUI client and if those do not work, I'll start doing my stuff from the commandline... :( All I want to have is a client like WinCVS which is working on Linux properly (what the Linux variant of WinCVS does not meet).

For all of you which are interessted in Phatan, I propose to subscribe the mailinglist I setup for the development. Since there are only 1,5 people involved with Phatan development now (me and a half Johannes Schlueter...) there should be not so much traffic right now. You can find them here:

Phatan Mailinglist Info Phatan Mailinglist Archive

Those links are available on my Phatan project info page, too.