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PHP Conferemce 2004 Spring Edition...

... will take place (as the last did) in Amsterdam. Recently I noticed, that I did not write anything on my proposals for that currently. That's why I do it now. :)

For the PHP Conference 2004 Spring Edition I proposed 3 sessions in cooperation with several other people from the PEAR and PHP community. As there are:

Powerworkshop :: PEAR - Not just a fleshy poem

This powerworkshop has the subtitle 'A deep introduction into PEAR and it's usage'. And as this sounds, is the content:

PEAR (the PHP Extension and Application Repository) is the collection of high quality reusable PHP Components to make your life with PHP more comfortable. PEAR components provide a hughe variaty of common development tasks, a unified packaging system and defines quality standards for PHP developement.

This power workshop gives you a detailed overview on what PEAR can do for you and how to use PEAR. The first part will consist of a general introduction into PEAR and the usage of the PEAR website and installer, as well as information on coding standards defined by PEAR and the internal structure. The second and third part will show you several PEAR packages and their usage in detail. We plan to give an introduction on MDB, LiveUser, SOAP, Image_Graph, XML_Transformer, HTML_QuickForm and HTML_Progress and several other PEAR packages. The fourth part is open for questions and requests on specific PEAR packages. Seize the chance to make us show your preferred PEAR package or the package you allways wanted to know how to use it.

Powerworkshops have a length of 6 hours. I proposed this session in cooperation with 2 renowned PEAR developers:

Lukas Smith (PEAR developer, PEAR Group Member) Stefan Neufeind (PEAR developer)

Double Session :: Applied OO PHP

The sessions subtitle is 'Patterns practical' and as this shows, Marco Kaiser and me will give an introduction into patterns and explain several of them in detail. Each pattern will be connected to an example taken from one of our own projects or PEAR packages.

We will (hopefully) present the patterns as listed in the last blog article.

Single Session :: SRM in praxis

SRM (Script Running Magic / Script Running Maschine) is a relative old project in the PHP community and represents a kind of application server for PHP. With SRM you can store instances of classes extending the class Banana (which has nothing to do with a similar called technologie in a foreign language). The created objects can be accessed by (if you wish) all applications run on a server or (remotely) even splitted environment applications.

I will use SRM as backend for my gaming project Phatan, about which I will hopefully write some lines on the website.

Currently there are some impacts on SRM, which Derick Rethans told me he could fix for my projects. Thanks Derick! :)