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Once on #pear... ;)

*_toby:* you should think about voting first during proposal time... *Derick:* -1, not conditional, comment "sucks!" and "Deep code review" *_toby:* for which package did you vote? *Derick:* nr 7 *Davey`:* good thing I had more than the neccessary votes, you silly man :P *Davey`:* thats a live proposal. *Derick:* oh :)


Still think we should increase the require votes. 5 is just not representative.


pierre at 2003-12-17

Dunno. PEAR group announcement was on 5, IMHO. That should either be discussed there or on pear-dev...

Toby at 2003-12-17

was just a comment about this entry, nothing more :)

ok I'm off

pierre at 2003-12-17