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I started a new, pretty long project, the realization of the game "Settlers of Catan" as a realtime webapplication. Currently I'm in planning phase and do some UML and stuff to get an overview on the whole thing. I evaluated some kinds of backends for that, mainly IRC, SHM and SRM, which resulted in SRM. Pretty cool thing.

You can find the project on sourceforge to get a few more information, I will write a some more extensive blog note on my plans and doings hopefully later this week (tomorrow?).


heh, you should have told me you were going to do "Die Siegler" with it :) This makes good motivation to fix SRM for you ;-)

Derick Rethans at 2003-12-14

Didn't I mention? Ooops... ;) Will hopefully building my conference session on that application.

Toby at 2003-12-14