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PEPr, not only a hot spice...

PEPr (pronounced like 'pepper') is the new automatic proposal system for PEAR, I made in the last days. Yesterday the whole thing became official, as I called for tests on pear-dev mailinglist.

PEPr ({PE}AR {Pr}oposal System) is fully integrated into the PEAR website. It enables the PEAR community to handle package proposals (someone comes and wants to add a new package to PEAR) as defined by the PEAR-group on 4th September 2003.

The official test of PEPr takes place in a preview environment by Martin Jansen (thanks a lot, Martin!). Every PEAR developer (userhandle to access the PEAR website given) is able to create new proposals and vote on proposals.

We will take the new package of Davey for a real test szenario and will handle the complete package proposal through PEPr, as Davey told me yesterday. Thanks a lot, Davey!

Hopefully after this test PEPr becomes and official part of the PEAR website.

In this spirit, happy testing! :)