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Session proposals for PHP Conference 2004 Quebec

Yesterday Marco Kaiser and me applied for the following sessions on the PHP Conference 2004 in Quebec. I hope to get there, I've never seen Kanada...

Here are the proposals (both are double sessions):

PEAR - More than a fleshy pome, or fruit, of a rosaceous tree

PEAR is one of the most important PHP projects. It's high quality packages bring more comfort to PHP development and enable you to develop enterprise applications with very few effort. This session will give you an overview, what PEAR can do for you and how to use it.

The first part of the session will give an overall introduction into PEAR. Major topics will be:

  • PEAR structure and packages

  • The PEAR installer and it's usage

  • Coding standards and QA

The second part of the session will go in further detail on several PEAR packages. We will give an introduction to the usage of PEAR::DB, PEAR::Benchmark, PEAR::Log, PEAR::Log_Parser and XML. An example for a high load entersprise application using PEAR will be presented.

PHP CLI instead of Bash

The PHP CLI (CommandLineInterface) is part of the PHP distribution since PHP 4.3.0. The interface opens another huge range of application types to be developed with PHP beside the standard web applications and the GTK extension.

Using PHP for command line operations enables you to implement OS independed console applications for variouse purposes. In cooperation with PEAR::Console* packages one can comfortably create console based applications without the need of learning another programming language. This session will give you a general overview of what you can do with PHP CLI on the basis of several practical examples.

This session is not only dedicated to Linux/Unix users, we will give examples for windows environment, too.