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Proposed PEAR::SMS

So, last night I proposed a package called PEAR::SMS, which allows the developer to send and recieve SMS trhough a connected cellular device. As backend the *nix/Windows tool Gammu is used. Gammu supports variouse cellphones (most Nokia and Siemens), as well als internal GSM devices, over several connection methods (eg. serial, irda, bluetooth).

Currently PEAR::SMS only supports sending and recieving of usual text messages, in the near future I'll implement support for multimedia SMS as logos, ringtones and picture SMS.

Alan Knowles noted, that there could be some more backend systems for SMS sending and asked me to change the structure into a factory-driver-model. I'll possibly do that today, if I got time, if not, I'll latest implement that on friday evening.

Interessting to know about PEAR::SMS: