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Fighting "personal spam"?

I've been to the Dortmund post office quite often lately, mostly because I'm never at home when the postman wants to deliver my packages. The largest German post service provider "Deutsche Post AG" also owns a bank, the "Postbank". While they did not bother me with any of that stuff earlier, their advertisement for non-postal and postal products starts getting more and more annoying. But let me start at the beginning...

While queuing inside the office to get to a counter, you need to stand between shelves that contain other stuff they sell at the post office: Stationery, cellphones, home phones and much more. Since you usually queue between 10 and 30 minutes you get enough time to read all those nice advertisement slogans. Right before you get to a counter, there is a large LCD screen that constantly shows a mixture of recent news and more and more advertisement: Banking stuff, cellphones, postal services and so on. When you finally make it to the counter, the staffer is usually unfriendly and not the fastest one. However, we are used to this for ages now and it's not the point of this article. When you are finally done hand happy to hold the latest DVD from Amazon in your hands, the staffer suddenly gets friendly: "Do you already have an account at Postbank?". A friendly "No thanks" does not work: "A just wanted to make sure you noticed...". "No, thank you!". "But it's about your future! Do you know you can save...". "I am sorry, but I already have a bank account and I do not want to change!".

After I had this situation for the 3rd time within a week now, I tend to simply lie to those people: I now tell them I'd still work for my old employer which also was a bank. This seems to work perfectly fine and they even reply with "Oh, sorry for disturbing you" and let you go. However, I wonder if there isn't any legal remedy I have against such spam? It is illegal to send me emails about drugs I'm not interessted in, but to spam me personally about banking services I don't want?

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